The fastest method available to determine volumes of oil/dielectric fluid in water filled enclosed vaults. Measurements within 10 seconds or less!
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How it Works

WOLFtapeTM is a specially designed tape measure product to provide an instantaneous clear indication of the level of oil/dielectric fluid on top of water within an enclosed vault. Measurement or even detection of dielectric fluids floating on top of water within a vault is often difficult to determine in the field. An eighth of an inch of oil/dielectric fluid looks the same as a foot. A wide variety of techniques are employed by utility technicians to determine the presence and level of oil within an enclosed vault. A wrong "guesstimate" could lead to costly site remediation where none may be required or worse, not initiating the proper response where it is required! WOLFtapeTM eliminates the guesswork.

It's easy to use and it's fast! WolftapeTM is treated with a non-toxic dye, and as you can see, it changes color from orange to yellow for a clear indication of the level of water. Wolftape absorbs oil/dielectric fluid without changing color giving a clear indication of depth. Precise marks every 1" and 6" allows you to make a quick decision about the fluid levels within the vault.

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When it comes to oil on water:
It's OK to cry WOLFTape!TM
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